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A new tax on the sale of land is spreading the the UK so don’t delay your decision to obtain planning permission.

The Government has called this NEW TAX the Community and Infrastructure Levy (CIL) which is applied at different rates decided by Local Planning Authorities when approving planning permission. CIL is charged as a contribution to the provision of affordable homes and is charged per additional square metre of living space provided. On one site the rate worked out at 65% of the land value!

Call us to discuss your site, take action now before this tax is introduced in your area.

We have loads of developers ringing us looking for land, so please contact us if you have a possible site without planning permission or a site with planning that you want to sell.

We focus on the south of England and prime locations where demand for land is highest. We can act for you to help you get the best deal and best price.

If your land has development potential in a prime location, it will be in high demand. we turn that high demand into a premium price for you.

We’ll help you with the method of sale, the timing, who pays for the planning, copyright of the plans - there are plenty of issues we’ll work with you on to close the right deal.


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