“We sell land to developers agreeing win-win deals for the land owners and the buyers”

The Land Office is my business and I want to use my experience to help you.

Having been involved with property sales since 1978 and I spent several years as a  an NHBC developer until the 1980s recession. I have a broad understanding of development from both sides of the fence. Benefit from my experience and apply it to your project either buying or selling land!

Why choose The Land Office? We are specialists and understand developers’ needs because our founder was one himself . . .

We put the customer first, tell us your plans we help make things happen


In most cases we only earn our fee if we can achieve more for your land than an existing house is worth. Give us a call without obligation to have a chat about the development potential of your property.

What can we do to help you?

We know some great land agents, but we don’t know any that have been developers themselves . . . .

Experience, Integrity and Enthusiasm

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It is better to consult someone like Lance who even got a City & Guilds in bricklaying at Advanced Craft so he could understand his sub-contractors better when he was a developer!


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For a free initial consultation give The Land Office a ring or email us with the address of your site, a postcode helps us find the OS plan, and we’ll be delighted to chat about the development potential and hear about similar developments in your neighbourhood and local house prices. We work with you to help you maximise the value of your land and only charge a fee when you get your money!

After selling an estate agency in the 1980’s Lance Trendall acquired sites and started building houses and flats in Herts. The economy drove interest rates to 16% bringing an end to the project with all debts paid. Lance knows the risks and the rewards for developers, so who else is better qualified to negotiate a deal with a developer on your behalf?

Meet Lance and judge his expertise for yourself.

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Our free consultation will help to identify the potential of your site and review your needs in terms of timescale.

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