“We sell land to developers agreeing win-win deals for the land owners and the buyers”

We can lobby the members of a planning committee in a way that your planning consultants will not even think of to give you a more positive chance.

Passion, ideas, emotion, education, empathy, thoughts, memories, feelings, imagination, desire and reputation are all factors in a decision-making process. It is impossible for a person to make an objective decision about your planning application.

We can increase your chance of success by adding  to your consultation and lobbying when once your architect and planning consultants have prepared the application.

Arrange a meeting to find out how.

Planning is a science and an art.


With unique experience we add value to your business.

Our enthusiasm can drive and inspire greater results.

You don’t need a consultant, you’ve managed fine without one. Maybe we can add value . . .

Book an appointment to explore the potential

Marketing - Creative thinking

Without meeting you, it is impossible to know how much difference we might make or if we’ll make any difference at all.

Since The Land Office started we’ve gone the extra mile so often, and seen dramatic results, that we know those extra services, that we’ve often thrown in for nothing, are very valuable to developers.

We need to find out more about you, to see if we’re compatible, get on, and to identify the areas where value can be added to what you’re already doing well and the areas you’re less happy with.

We don’t know more than you, we may not even know as much . . . but we’ll know different things and sometimes see things in a fresh, new or imaginative way that you might find helpful.

You’re already doing well to have survived the credit crunch, now you want to make up lost ground and do that faster than your competitors. Maybe some additional input from a lateral thinker with a new perspective might be worth the investment. Only you know if there’s more potential for you and your business.

You can add us to your resources in several ways. By monthly retainer or by Non-Exec Directorship. Initially you may want to book a session to explore the potential of working with us and find out what on earth we can do to help you.

Simply call Sarah Sullivan on 01582 461581 to book a consultation.

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When you arrive at the top of an organisation, you discover how tough and even lonely it can be. Just you and your responsibilities . . .

Wouldn’t it be good to have someone to bounce ideas around with each month? Someone who understands your business, your plans, your goals even your doubts and concerns. You can’t discuss your exit strategy with your staff, but our monthly consultancy could help you work on the business instead of in the business.