“We sell land to developers agreeing win-win deals for the land owners and the buyers”

Land Acquisitions

We hear of sites that are not on the market.

Where the land owner has not appointed us to act for the seller, we can accept instructions to act for a buyer and acquire the land on their behalf.

Retain us and we can offer you sites where we are not already acting for the owner.

Call us to discuss our retaining terms and conditions

You can retain The Land Office

These sites may be Site Assembly projects or land with planning that is not yet on the open market.

Where we’re not acting for the seller we can buy on behalf of developer clients, so make sure you’ve signed our terms and conditions so we can move fast on your behalf or send you sites on a ‘For Clients Only’ basis, where we receive a finder’s fee if you buy the site.

We prefer to act for serious buyers and not those trying to steal sites for a bargain. There are thousands of bargain hunters and we don’t believe a deal will go through unless you pay a sensible price for land. A seller will get a better deal via a pal in the golf club, even the milkman might know someone who’d pay more than a developer trying to rip him off and get his land for a cheap price.

If you’re a fair land buyer, working on a normal profit margin then it is definitely worth getting in touch and agreeing to our terms and conditions so we can send you a list of sites for retained clients.

We don’t promise to have any sites in your area, but when we do, we’ll let you know.

Land being scarce, you have to wait for the right opportunities and work with the right land agents.

If you value integrity, experience and enthusiasm, you’ll enjoy working with The Land Office.

We can also work under contract to carry out specific tasks, but our fees are high so we will not suit everyone. Give us a call for a chat about your requirements.

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This 1960s detached house was sold to a developer to make way for the larger luxury new home below.

Have you got a plot like this to sell?

This 1960s detached house was acquired for a developer to make way for two new homes like the one below.

If you want a plot like this, get in touch with The Land Office