“We sell land to developers agreeing win-win deals for the land owners and the buyers”

This 1960s detached house was sold to a developer to make way for the larger luxury new home below.

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Land Sales

We sell land to developers for private clients and for developers who want to sell sites with planning permission to focus on other projects

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What is the best way to sell land?

There are three main ways to harvest the value of your land, when selling to a developer.

Following a free initial appraisal, if your site has viable development potential, we can meet with you to chat about these three approaches to see which suits you best. We will also explain out terms and conditions and leave these with you so you can consult a solicitor or family members who have your interests at heart. We want you to have complete confidence in us before we accept instructions to act on your behalf.

Three main ways to sell land:

1 Get planning permission yourself, then sell the land. You invest your time and money to obtain planning permission and sell the land with the current planning approval. This might make you slightly more money but you bear the financial risk of up-front costs for architect’s fees and specialist survey reports.

2 Sell subject to planning - a builder will agree terms of sale and once a conditional contract or option is signed, he will bear the costs of obtaining planning permission and even pay your legal fees. If no planning can be obtained you will only have lost time, not money. You may have to be patient as the planning process can be protracted.

3 Joint venture - some developers might pay a premium price for land if they can pay for it once the new homes on the site sell. This can involve an element of risk but in exchange you may get a higher reward. We find most land owners are too risk-averse for this sales strategy but we can still explain the pros and cons when we meet you.

We will help you decide the best way to sell your site. We have many developers on our books looking for sites and more ringing us each week.

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These four dated maisonettes made way for the block of luxury apartments below.

Have you got a plot like this to sell?