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Sites like this which was big enough to get planning for two houses to replace the existing house are perfect for development in prime areas, STPP

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Land wanted in good locations with or without planning permission. Large gardens, old factories in residential areas, car forecourts . . .

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The trend continues for smaller houses on large plots to be replaced with more substantial homes like this one.

If you have a home on a large plot in a prime location, do get in touch, we can help you maximise the land value and sell the property to a developer, subject to the planning potential being sufficient to make the land worth more than the existing property. We recommend taking this action, even if it is sad to know your home will be demolished; it is far sadder to drive past your old house to discover someone else has taken advantage of the potential for profit!

There are times when a few neighbours will combine their land to and sell together to create a new cul de sac of houses. We call this a land assembly and we’re able to help you with this process. You may find that an experienced ‘middle man’ like us can make it easier to agree how the money will be divided between the land owners and avoid the risk of you all falling out in the process. Call us in at the earliest opportunity so you get the maximum benefit from working with us.

Sites for nursing and care homes are in big demand, especially in affluent areas where room rates justify building quality facilities on large plots. Care home developers like to acquire prominent sites, often on fairly busy roads, to help future letting or sale of their accommodation to the elderly. Ideally they want the site to be close to amenities including shops with a chemist and a post office. We have many such buyers who will pay a very substantial price for land, so call us if you have a very large plot or two or three of your neighbours might be thinking of selling at the same time as you, if the money is right.

Whatever your site is like, if you think it may have potential for development, please get in touch with us as soon as you can.

Planning permission can add value to your land and the process of obtaining approval to build can be very slow.

The sooner you call us the better, even if you don’t want to sell immediately, it is good to prepare for a sale well in advance.

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